Ray had many distinctive traits.  Here are just a few...

  • Saying, "Hello darling!" in a Roger Moore-esque fashion... to people of either sex
  • Gliding a horizontal cigarette under his nose, before smoking it.
  • Suggesting another drink in the airport bar, when your names are already being tetchily called out over the tannoy.
  • Speaking with his characteristic sexual frankness among reserved people, then wondering why tumbleweeds roll past in the ensuing silence.
  • Answering a bedside hotel phone and saying, "Hello?"... while still fast asleep.
  • Smiling, even during periods of incredible adversity.
  • Surprising people by asking sudden questions - ie, to a bundle-carrying hotel worker emerging from a lift, "What have you got in there?".
If you knew Ray and would like to recall another Palmer-ism, please do so in Comments below...

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